You may be experiencing back pain or a headache coming from your neck that is taking the joy out of life; the simple things aren’t so simple any more, and there’s a bit of a cloud over your head. Suffering is no fun at all and is very tiring. You may be looking for a natural approach to help your symptoms. Wouldn’t it be great to find qualified health care professionals with lots of experience that can help you get back up and running. On top of this you desire to make lifestyle changes to help reclaim your health and get more out of life.


CCC has been helping to change lives since it was established in 1948.

Wellbeing is the proactive pursuit of health. Wellbeing care is about making positive lifestyle choices that support optimal physical, chemical, spiritual and emotional health. Wellbeing is about working with our body in a natural way to assist the optimal expression of health. Wellbeing is about helping others, no matter their current state, look forward to a brighter future where health doesn’t hold them back. Your health affects everything you do and everyone you know, and safeguarding your health is perhaps the most important factor in determining how well you perform every day.

Being symptom free does not always mean you are in good health and as such we encourage our patients to make continued lifestyle choices in their quest for being the healthiest they can be. Most of us are a long way from achieving our full health potential. Unless we’re feeling sick, in pain or have been diagnosed with a certain condition, we assume that we are healthy. We want you to take charge of your health and make appropriate lifestyle changes, so that you can be the best spouse, parent, employee or whatever you choose to be…


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