Treatment aims to restore joint movement in order to help reduce the pain and muscle spasm associated with your condition. Manipulation and soft tissue techniques are carried out to those areas which have lost function through trauma, wear and tear or poor posture/lifestyle habits. Treatment is generally painless, although discomfort may be felt if your joints are already sore.

1st appointment

On your first visit you will be asked questions about your complaint, medical history and lifestyle. You will also receive a full physical examination in order to find out the cause of your problem.

Subsequent treatments and continued care

Following a series of treatments to help restore joint function and reduce pain, you will also be given advice on how to manage your problem. This includes postural advice if you have a deskjob or if you slouch in your spare time. You may also be given advice on everyday activities that may be putting stress on your joints such as lifting and twisting actions.

Joint strengthening and stabilising exercises may also be prescribed to improve the imbalances that have contributed to your problem.