And how you feel

You may be experiencing back pain, neck pain or a headache coming from your neck that is taking the joy out of life; the simple things aren’t so simple any more, and there’s a bit of a cloud over your head. Suffering is no fun at all and is very tiring; therefore you may be looking for a natural approach to help your symptoms. On top of this you desire to make lifestyle changes to help reclaim your health and get more out of life. So wouldn’t it be great to talk to qualified health care professionals with lots of experience that can help you get back up and running?

Come and see us

Your first appointment with Coventry Chiropractic Clinic is a consultation. You will be required to fill out some paperwork which we may be able to send to you prior to your appointment. This will contain important information about your current condition, state of health and lifestyle, to help our chiropractors assess you. After a good talk, an experienced chiropractor will examine you thoroughly. If we don’t think we can help, we will tell you and try to get you somewhere more appropriate. If we do feel we can help, we’ll use all the information gained from the consultation to put together some recommendations for you to go over at the next visit.

Second STEP
Come back to see us again

Your second appointment with us is called the Report of Findings. It’s now that we explain what we think is going on, how long it will take to resolve, and what you will need to do to help the process along. We do not accept every patient. Just as you are looking for a well-trained, highly skilled and compassionate practitioner, we only work with patients who are willing to work with us, take advice, commit to and take some responsibility for their health. It is only by working together that we will achieve the best results for you. At that stage, if we are both happy, we can then begin the process of getting you well…


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